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Here with your loved ones in their road to recovery.
a caregiver teaching some exercise to the man and woman

If you let your senior loved ones be one of the residents of our assisted living facility, we can offer them the following rehabilitation services in order to help them recover from disability, injury, or other conditions:

Physical Therapy
For residents with an injury or mobility problems, we can arrange a session with a physical therapist to help treat them. Physical therapy will not only cure the pain but also its source in order to restore an individual’s mobility.
Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapists can help patients who are recovering from physical, sensory, cognitive, or mental illness. They can help our residents perform daily living activities in a therapeutic way.
Speech Therapy
We can arrange a session with a speech-language pathologist for our residents to help with their speaking or swallowing problems. Speech therapy promotes greater health for those who have suffered from a stroke, brain injury, or cancer of the mouth, head, and throat.

For any questions or concerns about our rehabilitation services, please do not hesitate to reach us at any time.